Tech Support Update: Pin the Tail on the WordPress

Dear Friends,

Tim & Paul continue troubleshooting issues with the site while investigating alternate hosting options.

The PVC Security Podcast is up to episode 51 as of this post. If your podcatcher-of-choice doesn’t see all 51 (in no particular order) then refresh your feed. If they’re still absent, let us know. Email and one of our ravishingly lovely technicians – Tim & Paul – will look into the issue.

As always: Thanks for Listening; Stay Strong; Ante Up; Share & Enjoy!

The Tech Support Drama Continues

In our on-going saga of problems with the site and RSS feeds we’ve reached a point where throwing our hands up in surrender is our only option.

I, Paul, have been a customer for a long time. But these last upgrades pushed out and the apparent inability to fix what ales this and my other sites leads me and the rest of the PVC Security team to research other options.

Tim, Senior Baseball Correspondent, is bringing up a temporary feed toward which we’ll point the podcast aggregators. Once we find a permanent new home we’ll share the glad news.

If you have recommendations you’d like to share with us on this topic or others, email or #askpvcsec on Twitter.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Thanks for your patience, support, and continued tolerance toward Paul’s and Ed’s (mostly Ed’s) singing.

Happy 2016!


Our Link with LinkedIn is Down

For those who follow PVC Security on LinkedIn (and you are, aren’t you?), we’re experiencing an authentication issue between our blog and their site. Minions are, even now, moving bits and bytes around to address the problem.

Stay tuned!

Patience = Reward, Tuesday

Dear Friends,

Please breathe easy as new PVCSec episodes populate the queue even now.

Yea, the Moose Preserve Sessions – those oft mentioned magical unicorn episodes we’re fond of teasing – are catchable by those pure of spirit and if your pod catcher is thus honorably configured. If honor’s not your thing, then YMMV come Tuesday.

The boys even recorded another session. While they often try to buffer obvious, easily scheduled around events with pre-recorded episodes, they don’t  always succeed.

Voice your comments at Team PVCSec by emailing or on Twitter at #askpvcsec.

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Slacking, Part Deux

Dear Friends,

Due to an unfortunate scheduling snafu last week there is no new PVC Security podcast episode at the moment. The team continues to work towards getting you, the Listener, some fresh content.

Stay tuned, and Thank You for Your Support!

RSS Bug Squishing

Dear Friends,

You, the listeners, notified PVC Security that the podcast RSS feeds only displayed the most recent 5 episodes.

How can I catch up on all the banter and singing and keen insights and delightful interviews if the world lacks the older episodes in podcatcher-of-choice?”

We heard your desperate and plaintive pleas. We’re here to help.

Paul tweaked some settings. The main take away for all is that now is natively hosting the master feeds again. All of the podcast networks will see the change automatically (we think). We’re monitoring.

If you see issues with the feed do ping us at @pvcsec on Twitter or email us at

Share & Enjoy!

Website Maintenance

Dear Friends,

I updated, upgraded, and changed several parts of intending to improve the performance and reliability of the site.

Let us know if you noticed a difference, for better or worse, in this post’s comments, by emailing us at, or by tweeting @pvcsec.

Share & Enjoy,


Ep 11 Dilemma

The incomparable Jimmy Vo joined us for an episode we recorded the week of 05 Jan 2015.

It wasn’t very good, and that is entirely my fault. I enjoyed a few too many adult beverages before we recorded. As a result it was arguably the least valuable episode from a content and a recording quality perspective.

Jimmy was game and a great guest. Ed performed yeoman’s service keeping the episode on track. Tim took a scalpel to the recorded audio to make it suck less.

Here’s the dilemma – do we release the episode anyway, warts & all, or /dev/null it and start again?


Podcast RSS & iTunes feed update

Dear friends,

Good news! The PVC Security Podcast RSS feed is fully working. Point your pod catchers at to grab the latest & tastiest that PVCSec has to offer.

We’re soon to be listed on in their directory. Stay tuned!

In other news, the PVCSec iTunes submission is posted. Here at PVC Security Central we’re anxiously awaiting Apple’s approval, both for the podcast and our own validation. As soon as we go live in the iTunes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

More changes are coming, so keep your dials tuned and calendars appointed.

PVCSec EP 4’s Show Notes

Dear Friends,

Paul ~finally~ added show notes for the latest PVC Security podcast. Head over to the Episode 4 page and scroll down to read the details.

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