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Pardon Our Dust: iTunes Edition

Dear Friends,

There has been what we on the PVCSec team like to call “jankiness” (technical term) with the feed since November/December. For some the feed worked fine. For others, episodes would not magically appear. Sometimes even moving to a different podcatcher might introduce or solve the issue.

I (Paul) am playing with WordPress, Libsyn (our content distribution provider), and iTunes. I think I found and applied the fix.

In 24 hours we will know if I am successful.

Stay Tuned!

The Great Migration

Dear Friends, Soon PVC Security will move its domain and website to Medium. We are making this move to, in theory, make lives easier and administrative burdens less for the Three Securiteers. If you are keen to help out with the Great Migration, send an email to comments@pvcsec.com or tweet us at @pvcsec.

Website Maintenance

Dear Friends,

I updated, upgraded, and changed several parts of PVCSec.com intending to improve the performance and reliability of the site.

Let us know if you noticed a difference, for better or worse, in this post’s comments, by emailing us at comments@pvcsec.com, or by tweeting @pvcsec.

Share & Enjoy,