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PVCSec EP 22: The Moose Preserve Session, Part 1

In this episode: Non-traditional leaders, security incident denial, post breach changes, and faking it until you make it!

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PVC Security Episode 10 – New Year’s Eve

Dear Friends,

Welcome to episode 10 of the PVC Security podcast, yet another in a collector’s series. Ed & Paul talk about some highlights regarding what we learned in 2014. This is an impromptu mini episode, or mini-sode, recording to get one more in before the New Year.

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PVCSec Episode 6: RDRDS & Know Your Network! Part 3!

Dear Friends,

The next episode of the PVC Security Podcast, the sixth in a collector’s series, is upon you!

In this thrilling episode, Ed wraps up his three part “Know Your Network!” series, Paul talks RDRDS (a.k.a. Five Pillars of Security Architecture), Ed shares his thoughts on mobile security, quick hits, and MORE!

Also, they sing. Fortify yourselves.

Comments and questions are welcome. You can #askpvcsec on Twitter or email us at comments@pvcsec.com.

Remember, this isn’t your typical InfoSec podcast. This also isn’t your typical management and leadership podcast. This is the PVC Security Podcast.

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Show Notes:

  • Ed’s spreadsheet is here. The notes on how to use it and the commands for Cisco kit are on the third tab in the spreadsheet. The first tab is a sample, and the second is a blank version.
  • You can use the spreadsheet for other vendor’s gear, such as Juniper and HP. You will need to translate the Cisco commands to your platform. Share your tweaks.
  • Paul’s narrative write-up on RDRDS is available on his blog here. Comments, questions, and constructive criticisms are welcome.
  • The Dark Reading article about the White House network compromise that Paul quoted from is here.
  • The HBR (Shut up, Ed!) article Paul referenced about working with global virtual teams is here.
  • Coming soon: Interviews!