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Paul’s Hybrid SOC + Cloud Talk @ IBM Watson Summit 2016

Paul presented “IBM Watson Summit 2016 Japan Talk: Building a Next Generation SOC on Hybrid Cloud”

Sadly Paul’s talk was not recorded nor is his slide deck available to the public. He did take some time to white up some thoughts here: http://bit.ly/1WPyHaK

Give it a read. Our next thrilling episode was recorded just hours before Paul’s talk. Our time line is all wibbly wobbly anyway, so order doesn’t matter.

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p.s. – are you a cool frood who knows where his towel is?

PVCSEC Ep. 35: Presentations

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the latest episode of the PVC Security Podcast, episode 35 in a collector’s series.

On this week’s show: Army Cyber Units, Presentations, Mexico, and stuff!

Show Notes:

PVCSec at Converge/Bsides Detroit

Dear Friends,

Two great tastes that taste great together – that is one way to describe the upcoming appearance of 66% to 100% of PVCSec at Converge/Bsides Detroit 16 – 17 July. This year, Wayne State University in the heart of Detroit Michigan US of A (a.k.a. “The Arsenal of Democracy”) hosts the event.

Ed & Paul will together present 4 Pillars – Passion, Vision, Communication, Execution. They will cover security and leadership for practitioners at all levels.

If that excites you, and we KNOW that it does, then for this next part please make sure you seat yourself before proceeding.

There will be a LIVE PVC Security Podcast as well! Honored and excited by the invitation doesn’t begin to describe our emotions. Paul & Ed (and we hope Tim) will sing and talk and joke and rant and laugh and whatever else. Audience participation is not only welcome but strongly encouraged.

You, yes YOU, could end up on the podcast!

As soon as we have more details we shall be sure to share with you, the Listener. Get your tickets NOW!

Stay Tuned!