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Pardon Our Dust: iTunes Edition

Dear Friends,

There has been what we on the PVCSec team like to call “jankiness” (technical term) with the feed since November/December. For some the feed worked fine. For others, episodes would not magically appear. Sometimes even moving to a different podcatcher might introduce or solve the issue.

I (Paul) am playing with WordPress, Libsyn (our content distribution provider), and iTunes. I think I found and applied the fix.

In 24 hours we will know if I am successful.

Stay Tuned!

PVCSec.com Updates

Dear Friends,

Paul & Tim made more changes to the site. These should improve performance and security.

  1. PVCSec.com leverages a Content Delivery Network (CDN), improving site performance and availability
  2. A certain plugin that often breaks the site will no longer auto update
  3. PVCSec.com now enjoys a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate – check it out at https://www.pvcsec.com
  4. Our site monitoring includes a third-party service to help notify the PVC Security team of outages faster
  5. PVCSec.com now supports the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project protocol
  6. Removed all FeedBurner references for our RSS feeds
  7. Fixed our social media plugins for automatic updates
  8. A bunch of additional cleanup and maintenance

Still to come is finishing our move to LibSyn for hosting the podcast files. We hope to complete it over the next week or so.

We still have a way to go. Please let us know in the comments, by email at comments@pvcsec.com, or on twitter @pvcsec about comments, compliments, or issues with the site.


Team PVCSec

You Wanna Signed Copy of “Build a Security Culture”!

Dear Friends,

You recently heard that Kai Roer, PVC Security Podcast episode 25 guest & author & security professional & #FotS, is offering @PVCSec listeners THE opportunity to win a signed copy of his book, Build A Security Culture.

You, Dear Friends, must merely post a comment about the show on the iTunes PVC Security Podcast page. Do so by 15 June 2015. When you do, anticipating you live in a jurisdiction where such things are legal, you are automagically entered to win!

Our own producer extraordinaire, the most senior of the @pvcsec baseball correspondents, the pride of his hometown in (North|South) Carolina U.S.A., the infamous Timothy De Block, will become fate’s instrument by plucking one lucky commenter from the digital proverbial hat.

Tl;dr: Comment on iTunes by June 15th to win. Timmy DB will pick the winner.

RSS Bug Squishing

Dear Friends,

You, the listeners, notified PVC Security that the podcast RSS feeds only displayed the most recent 5 episodes.

How can I catch up on all the banter and singing and keen insights and delightful interviews if the world lacks the older episodes in podcatcher-of-choice?”

We heard your desperate and plaintive pleas. We’re here to help.

Paul tweaked some settings. The main take away for all is that now pvcsec.com is natively hosting the master feeds again. All of the podcast networks will see the change automatically (we think). We’re monitoring.

If you see issues with the feed do ping us at @pvcsec on Twitter or email us at comments@pvcsec.com.

Share & Enjoy!

PVCSEC Social Media Update

Dear Friends,

PVCSec is now on Facebook and LinkedIn. Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pvcsec and on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/pvc-security-podcast/a9/18/275/.

These join our cadre of other social media outlets:

And of course you can find us at podcatching outlets such as:

Stay tuned!

Share & Enjoy!

Podcast RSS & iTunes feed update

Dear friends,

Good news! The PVC Security Podcast RSS feed is fully working. Point your pod catchers at http://www.pvcsec.com/feeds/podcast to grab the latest & tastiest that PVCSec has to offer.

We’re soon to be listed on blubrry.com in their directory. Stay tuned!

In other news, the PVCSec iTunes submission is posted. Here at PVC Security Central we’re anxiously awaiting Apple’s approval, both for the podcast and our own validation. As soon as we go live in the iTunes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

More changes are coming, so keep your dials tuned and calendars appointed.

Works in Progress

We are hard at work getting the two episodes we have “in the can” ready to share with all of you and record episode 3. Here’s a quick update on these activities.

Our intrepid engineer, Tim, is working on getting PVCSec up on iTunes for all you Apple folks out there.

I’m working on the web site and setting up a podcast RSS feed.

We’re both waiting on the Silver Fox (Ed) to finish the logos. He’s 1/3 of the way there. My art-school daughter is helping out, so I expect great things.

We are looking for music for the show. Ed and I are looking at some resources to which Tim pointed us. We’re also reaching out to friend and family who may be so inclined as to provide us some sweet, sweet tunes for a theme song, closing music, and maybe some interstitial music.

I am also working on show notes. We’ll probably start providing those with EP #3.

Enjoy the podcast, everyone!