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Moving Pictures

Dear Friends,

We experimented this week with using Google Hangouts on Air in place of our usual Skype call for syncing up and recording episode 82.

Be Forewarned: The video is rough. None of us was treated by hair or makeup, so we’re quite raw. There’s no editing, so Ed may well have dropped some “But, umm” bombs.

Also, Ed & Tracy totally forgot I told them we were doing this.

Anyway, check out our YouTube channel here. Let us know your thoughts at comments@pvcsec.com or ping @pvcsec on Twitter.


p.s. – of course I wanted a cool public domain picture of Rush’s seminal 1981 album. If you find one please let us know.

PVCSec Episode 15: The Interview and You, Part Deux

Dear Friends,

The next episode of the PVC Security Podcast, number fifteen in a collector’s series, is upon you!

The boys wrap up their “Interview and You” in this two-part former mythical unicorn (as opposed to the non-mythical variety) series with the teased bit about how to conduct an interview.

Plus: quick hits and updates, such as:

  • Purging is good for Security health
  • The ethics of Google Hacking organizations other than your own
  • Retail “savings” cards and privacy

Remember, this isn’t your typical InfoSec podcast. This also isn’t your typical management and leadership podcast. This is the PVC Security Podcast.

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Show Notes:

PVCSEC Social Media Update

Dear Friends,

PVCSec is now on Facebook and LinkedIn. Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pvcsec and on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/pvc-security-podcast/a9/18/275/.

These join our cadre of other social media outlets:

And of course you can find us at podcatching outlets such as:

Stay tuned!

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