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PVCSec EP98: Poutine Security

In this lastest thrilling episode, the @InfoSecSherpa and @TokyoGringo go long talking about mental health in IT & InfoSec, Twitter’s personal data land grab, why security is hard, adventures in Canada, and more!

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PVCSec EP 94: To Cert or not To Cert

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Dear friends,

Welcome to this latest thrilling episode in a collector’s series, in which Tracy and Paul discuss:

Topic One: Information Security Certifications are Worthless and Causing More Harm than Good

Paul and Tracy talked about the pros and cons of popular InfoSec certifications like Network + and Security + from CompTIA, the CISSP from ISC(2),  and the CEH from the EC-Council.

Topic Two: Getting overwhelmed by the news and how to deal

A lively discussion was held about tools, techniques, tricks, and philosophies of news and current events intake.

The Information Hoarding Epidemic: Causes and Solutions
(webinar recording + slides)

Nuzzel, Pocket, and Twitter Lists were just some of the tools mentioned.

Topic Three: How NOT to use your communication skills

Based on stories in the latest headlines, ideas were exchanged about best practices for good communication.

Tactical Edge – Latin America’s premier InfoSec conference! September 13-14, 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia

Tracy will present at BSidesCharm, “The Battle for OSINT: Are you Team GUI or Team Command Line?” with friend of the show, Joe Gray.

EP81: Michael Santarcangelo

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On this week’s show Tracy, Paul, and Ed are joined by Michael @catalyst Santarcangelo to talk leadership and communications.

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PVCSEC EP 26: Fire drills and communication skills

In the latest edition of the PVC Security Podcast Paul talks about about getting duped during a “fire drill” by the cleaning staff and how it relates to information security and Ed talks about communication skills and how to handle certain situations.

If you have a passion, vision, communication, or executing infosec topic you would like us to discuss leave a comment below. Also, if you are into winning signed books for an iTunes review, then enter to win a signed copy of Kai Roer’s book Build A Better Security Culture by leaving us an iTunes review. A winner will be selected at random by me. Contest ends June 15th, so act fast.

Show Notes:

[Paul] Normally we try to do show notes, but this episode went off script quickly. I have to listen intentionally to capture the notes from this show. Volunteers are welcome!

[Paul] Many thanks to Tim for filling in on posting the episode. I was traveling and in no position to do so. I particularly applaud his choice of banner picture.