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You Wanna Signed Copy of “Build a Security Culture”!

Dear Friends,

You recently heard that Kai Roer, PVC Security Podcast episode 25 guest & author & security professional & #FotS, is offering @PVCSec listeners THE opportunity to win a signed copy of his book, Build A Security Culture.

You, Dear Friends, must merely post a comment about the show on the iTunes PVC Security Podcast page. Do so by 15 June 2015. When you do, anticipating you live in a jurisdiction where such things are legal, you are automagically entered to win!

Our own producer extraordinaire, the most senior of the @pvcsec baseball correspondents, the pride of his hometown in (North|South) Carolina U.S.A., the infamous Timothy De Block, will become fate’s instrument by plucking one lucky commenter from the digital proverbial hat.

Tl;dr: Comment on iTunes by June 15th to win. Timmy DB will pick the winner.

PVCSec Book Club

Dear Friends,

Tim, producer & sounding board & Senior Baseball Correspondent, posed to Ed & Paul an idea to start a PVC Security book club.

We’re all keen to kick this off. We’d like you, Dear Friends, donning the driver’s goggles and gloves while we crank the motor.

To that end:

What are your thoughts on a book club?
What books would you like to include?
How long should we take on a book?
Should we include genres other than security & leadership that are directly related yet under-served elsewhere?
Should we host it purely on the site, in a GoodReads.com forum, or integrated with the podcast?

Comment below or email us at comments@pvcsec.com or tweet @pvcsec with #readpvcsec.

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