Help Wanted

Dear Friends,

We at PVC Security are looking for ones of good people to help out with the show and site. Specifically we are looking for:

  • Producer – wrangle the hosts, create show runsheets, book guests, and post content to
  • Engineer – someone to record, edit, and publish the show.

If you, Dear Friend, are interested in either or both roles, please email us at

PVCSec EP 93: As if ones of voices were suddenly silenced

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the latest episode of the PVC Security Podcast. This is episode 93-ish in a thrilling collector’s series.

In this episode, we stop singing. Yes, Dear Friends. After many years we retire our unique vocal stylings in the intro and outtro of the show.

To be clear, we are not stopping the show. Quite the contrary. We may be inconsistent in our postings but we strive forward.

We are #15!

In other topics:

Tracy will post these, and soon.

EP86: Special Guest – Joe Gray

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Fixing Things

Dear Friends,

We’re still working to get content up for you to listen to and, perhaps, enjoy.

Please bear with us as Paul is moving from the US to Japan. He’s our single point of failure getting new content uploaded.

In the mean time we recommend taking a little bit of time to dive into other InfoSec podcasts, but also things outside of your comfort zone.

Let us know how it goes.

We’ll get Paul back on it shortly.

EP83: Return to the Fortress of Latin-tude

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Ed & Paul do their Tactical Edge 2016 post-mortem from Chateau de la Silver Fox

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EP82: Rally ’round the Hangout

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On this week’s episode (recorded two weeks ago), Tactical Edge talk, Microsoft’s prescription for governments, and OSINT tips.

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Moving Pictures

Dear Friends,

We experimented this week with using Google Hangouts on Air in place of our usual Skype call for syncing up and recording episode 82.

Be Forewarned: The video is rough. None of us was treated by hair or makeup, so we’re quite raw. There’s no editing, so Ed may well have dropped some “But, umm” bombs.

Also, Ed & Tracy totally forgot I told them we were doing this.

Anyway, check out our YouTube channel here. Let us know your thoughts at or ping @pvcsec on Twitter.


p.s. – of course I wanted a cool public domain picture of Rush’s seminal 1981 album. If you find one please let us know.

EP81: Michael Santarcangelo

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On this week’s show Tracy, Paul, and Ed are joined by Michael @catalyst Santarcangelo to talk leadership and communications.

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Quick Hurricane Update

Dear Friends,

Quick update from the evacuation zone. Paul was visiting family in South Carolina when word came down to evacuate in front of Hurricane Matthew. He and his folks have made for higher ground inland, but it’s delayed the release of EP81.

We hope he’ll get the work done tonight and post it post-haste.

Stay tuned!

EP 80: Marcelle Lee

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This week, Ed, Tracy, and Paul talk with Marcelle Lee on all things infoSec.

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