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Hiatus? Not on our Watch!

Dear Friends,

A new PVCSec episode tardiness is not something to freak out about. We’re still here.

Ed, Tim, and Paul all ended up busy at the same time. A new PVCSec is coming next week (we expect).

Keep 16 – 18 July in your calendars. Pablo Roberto & Edgar will present 4 Pillars at Converge Detroit & Bsides Detroit.

Plus: PVC Security LIVE!

Debate: Click Bait

Paul posted about click bait on his blog, and asks how others avoid propagating click bait.

What do you do? How do you avoid SPAMing others with content you haven’t vetted? Comment here or on Paul’s post. We’ll bring the comments together. You can also hashtag #askpvcsec on Twitter.

You Wanna Signed Copy of “Build a Security Culture”!

Dear Friends,

You recently heard that Kai Roer, PVC Security Podcast episode 25 guest & author & security professional & #FotS, is offering @PVCSec listeners THE opportunity to win a signed copy of his book, Build A Security Culture.

You, Dear Friends, must merely post a comment about the show on the iTunes PVC Security Podcast page. Do so by 15 June 2015. When you do, anticipating you live in a jurisdiction where such things are legal, you are automagically entered to win!

Our own producer extraordinaire, the most senior of the @pvcsec baseball correspondents, the pride of his hometown in (North|South) Carolina U.S.A., the infamous Timothy De Block, will become fate’s instrument by plucking one lucky commenter from the digital proverbial hat.

Tl;dr: Comment on iTunes by June 15th to win. Timmy DB will pick the winner.

Security Events Calendar

Dear Friends,

We’re preparing several Call For Presenters/Presentations (CFP) for upcoming security conferences and whatnot. To start we needed to know what was coming and what the various due dates were.

In that activity we met a problem.

We can’t find a single definitive central repository of this information anywhere in particular, or if there is such a beast it isn’t easy to find.

We aim to fix that deficiency.

PVC Security created a Security Events calendar. It will combine freely available information into a single iCal/Google Calendar/XML feed available to all. Anyone can make use of the calendar. We only ask for attribution for ourselves and the sources we use.

By the way, we use & reference for conferences:

  • Bsides calendar (
  • RSA
  • DefCon
  • Black Hat
  • CircleCity
  • GRRCon
  • Converge Detroit
  • DerbyCon
  • Shmoocon

We aim to make the data as doable as possible. We will include what links we believe useful in the invitation. We will not set reminders. The events cited are the canonical source for their events’ information, so adjust your expectations.

If you have a security event that you would like to add to the PVC Security Event Calendar please let us know. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even give you access to add and edit your own entries. We are platform agnostic – you can be affiliated with an organization or not. We’re also egalitarian. If your event meets [P&E]’s smell test, we’ll post it.

  • XML feed:
  • iCal feed:
  • HTML:

Thank You 2014!

Dear Friends,

PVC Security’s 2014 review must begin thusly:

We began. Paul had an idea he tweeted to Ed. Ed agreed. Tim volunteered to help.
And thus a podcast, without question the greatest podcast human kind has ever produced or experienced about leadership and security and poorly sang TV theme songs made by a guy in Tennessee, a guy in Carolina (South), and a guy in Detroit, was born.
It is safe to say that we’re still figuring things out. We’ve had gaps in our schedule. Ed has a potty mouth. We’ve had guests. We talked about leadership and security and a lot of things. We sang. We apologized for our singing. Tim failed to answer the most basic of baseball questions. We kept going.
Most importantly, we had fun.
We want people to listen, enjoy, and maybe learn from the podcast. But that is not why we do it. We do the podcast for ourselves. If we enjoy recording it, if we enjoy listening to it, and if we’re proud of it – then we’re going to keep doing it.
That is both a threat and a promise. Your mileage may vary.
We want to thank Bob Rudis and Alex Pinto for joining us on two and one episodes, respectively. Thanks to our prospective guests who’s schedules delayed their participation.
And thanks to you, the listener!
Happy 2015, Dear Friends!

PVCSec EP 4’s Show Notes

Dear Friends,

Paul ~finally~ added show notes for the latest PVC Security podcast. Head over to the Episode 4 page and scroll down to read the details.

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