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Goodbye, Good Luck & Aww Man!

Dear Friends,

After ~99 episodes across 2.5 years, the PVC Security Podcast is going into maintenance mode. Look forward to the fond farewell post to my co-hosts.

You, The Listener & Dear Friend & Audience, energized us in the show. I know I speak on behalf of Ed, Tim, Chris, and Tracy when I say Thank You to all who subscribed, linked, tweeted, and otherwise participated in the PVC Security Podcast. Lurkers, we thank you as well.

I would be remiss if I did not thank the guests who joined us over the years. They brought so much to you, Dear Friends, in knowledge and experience and professionalism. We hope you enjoyed listening to them as such as we enjoyed talking with them.

Practically, nothing much changes other than the following:

  • will go into read-only mode
  • existing PVCSec content will continue as is until demand drops below an as yet to set level
  • new stuff by Paul will come out on his masthead
    • If you already subscribe to PVCSec’s RSS feeds, you will get Paul’s stuff soon
  • If you are not subscribed to [[][Exploring Information Security — Timothy De Block]], you need subscribe now
  • ancilary PVCSec media channels, like ([[][PVC Security Podcast | Professional Profile]]) and ([[][PVC Security – YouTube]]) and [[][(PVC Security (@pvcsec) | Twitter)]], will go read-only as well
  • YouTube videos will go away soon

    Head over to [[][Paul R. Jorgensen – An Information Security & Network Engineering Professiona…]] for more information, links to other great security podcasts and other sources, and whatnot.

Thank You, all, for your support and participation and listening and everything.


@pvcsec #podflood

Hello, Dear Friends!

Your podcatcher received a number of older unpublished episodes. Enjoy them, though we do not have the show notes included.

The episodes are wonderful surprise presents for you. Dive in and enjoy!

Let us know your thoughts. Email us at or tweet us at #askpvcsec or @pvcsec.

Share and Enjoy!

Fixing Things

Dear Friends,

We’re still working to get content up for you to listen to and, perhaps, enjoy.

Please bear with us as Paul is moving from the US to Japan. He’s our single point of failure getting new content uploaded.

In the mean time we recommend taking a little bit of time to dive into other InfoSec podcasts, but also things outside of your comfort zone.

Let us know how it goes.

We’ll get Paul back on it shortly.

EP83: Return to the Fortress of Latin-tude

Download this latest thrilling episode!
Ed & Paul do their Tactical Edge 2016 post-mortem from Chateau de la Silver Fox

Continue reading EP83: Return to the Fortress of Latin-tude

Paul’s Hybrid SOC + Cloud Talk @ IBM Watson Summit 2016

Paul presented “IBM Watson Summit 2016 Japan Talk: Building a Next Generation SOC on Hybrid Cloud”

Sadly Paul’s talk was not recorded nor is his slide deck available to the public. He did take some time to white up some thoughts here:

Give it a read. Our next thrilling episode was recorded just hours before Paul’s talk. Our time line is all wibbly wobbly anyway, so order doesn’t matter.

Share & Enjoy!

p.s. – are you a cool frood who knows where his towel is?

Bringing Miniature Horses on Planes & Emotional Support Goat: Have We Gone Too Far?

On the next thrilling episode of the PVC Security podcast (maybe):

Bringing Miniature Horses on Planes and an Emotional Support Goat: Have We Gone Too Far?:

Hollywood Report 

says this is the golden age of flying

thanks to the ability of anyone — Hollywood star or not — bring their

emotional support turkey

on a plane. For free.

(Via BoardingArea)

It is just a matter of time before our own Edgar Rojas saddles up his emotional support miniature horse for a tiny, knee scraping ride through #BNA.

What animals would you, Dear Friends, assign to Chris, Paul, and Tim? Let us know in the comments.

The How of Mentoring

Over on my site, Busy | Paul R. Jorgensen, I waxed about the folks I’m officially and unofficially mentoring. Tonight I expounded, pompous mentor-like, on a number of topics (to a junior colleague and a brilliant yet unfortunate senior colleague, stuck in our orbit by her ardent professionalism & unerring politeness & desire to make well-earned fun of us). I’ll leave the “what landed as useful“ versus “couldn’t wait for him to shut up” ratio to my audience; I only hope the ratio is favorable to my ego.

This discussion, added to other broader team chats and emails and instant messages and whatnot, present an interesting question:

Setting aside the formulated “what” of being a mentor, where’s the “how”?

Seriously, there are any number of books telling mentors what to do:
be available, be open, be ruthless (but not too ruthless), be not too available, be not too open. Recommend a schedule. Don’t recommend a schedule. Build up! Don’t forget to break down. Do this; don’t do that. The latest book countermands the previous book.

Here at PVC Security we stick to four pillars – Passion, Vision, Communication, and Execution. They’re as applicable to mentoring as to most serious endeavours. Yet, “how” is still variable.

  • How do you instill passion when they’re new? If they’re cynical?
  • How do you convey vision when they don’t know the landscape?
  • How do you encourage communication and collaboration in a lone wolf or a lost cub (which every new hire is until they find their footing, regardless of place)?
  • How do you coach execution when they’ve never delivered anything before? When they’ve never delivered anything themselves but as part of a team? When they’ve delivered but it lacked success? When they delivered successfully and think they know better than everyone else? When they won’t deliver because they’re afraid to be wrong?

How do you, Dear Friends, approach mentoring?
If you received mentoring, how did he or she deliver it and what impact did it have on you?
If you’ve mentored, what do you find successful and what do you find best to avoid?

Comment here, email us at, or tweet with #askpvcsec for us to see your musings. If your response piques our interest, we might invite you on the podcast.

Stay tuned!

And Thank You!

Converge Detroit Slide Decks

We enjoyed our time at Converge Detroit < understatement.

Ed’s & Paul’s slide decks are available! Check out the 4 Pillars of Leadership talk and the PVCSec LIVE! talk presentation materials.

Thanks again to the event, the sponsors, the volunteers, and all the attendees. We’re already looking forward to Converge Detroit 2016.

PVCSec LIVE! at Converge Detroit

Dear Friends,

Ed & I enjoyed talking with a fantastic audience at Converge Detroit 2015 yesterday. Everyone was in fine voice.

Tim is working on our audio for the posted podcast, but you can enjoy it now by checking out

Thanks again to the event, the sponsors, the volunteers, and of course all of those who attended. We had a blast and can’t wait for next year!

Hiatus? Not on our Watch!

Dear Friends,

A new PVCSec episode tardiness is not something to freak out about. We’re still here.

Ed, Tim, and Paul all ended up busy at the same time. A new PVCSec is coming next week (we expect).

Keep 16 – 18 July in your calendars. Pablo Roberto & Edgar will present 4 Pillars at Converge Detroit & Bsides Detroit.

Plus: PVC Security LIVE!