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Ep 11 Dilemma

The incomparable Jimmy Vo joined us for an episode we recorded the week of 05 Jan 2015.

It wasn’t very good, and that is entirely my fault. I enjoyed a few too many adult beverages before we recorded. As a result it was arguably the least valuable episode from a content and a recording quality perspective.

Jimmy was game and a great guest. Ed performed yeoman’s service keeping the episode on track. Tim took a scalpel to the recorded audio to make it suck less.

Here’s the dilemma – do we release the episode anyway, warts & all, or /dev/null it and start again?


Dear Friends, Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

Happy (post-) Hanukah and Merry (current-) Christmas and all the other holidays that you embrace & bring you joy (they tend to collide and coalesce around this calendar data point, don’t they?) from all of us at PVC Security to all of you & yours.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode, a repeat performance from Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr). We’re making some tweaks to the format, some contextual changes, improved content, and will soon pop up on new pod catching venues. We’ll (probably) have another episode before the New Year descends.

Stay frosty. Stay thirsty. Stay hungry. Stay awesome.

Cheers, Dear Friends!

Dog Ate Podcast

… but only temporarily.

We haven’t podcasted lately, as you may have noticed. Both Ed and Paul had unscheduled family events that required attention. During part of that window Paul then Ed took some well earned vacation time.

I (Paul) asked @JimmyVo and @lil_lost and @timothydeblock and others to fill in with me as guest hosts during Ed’s absence. And then I dropped the ball, leaving them and others in the lurch.

I apologize to you, the listener. I apologize to the folks who offered to help out, and I am reaching out to them directly as well.

While you, the listener, will undoubtedly have to listen to me apologize again, know that a valuable lesson was learned and we’re here to dissect ourselves when one of us screws up.

Look forward to that episode.

UPDATE: this update was supposed to have gone out on 11 Dec. We clearly have a scheduled post issue.

Lazy Podcasting

Dear Friends,

For the ones of you who:

a) subscribe to the podcast and/or follow the blog
b) make note of schedule gaps

… we’ve neglected posting a new episode. Ample excuses abound, for sure. Thanksgiving? Check! Making fun of Canadians for their metric, October-based version? Check! Shopping? Eh, but check on that one, too. Some personal stuff affected the schedule as well, like multi-car accidents and vacations and family and power outages.

We’re working on publishing new content. The new content may involve new voices, new formats, and new media.

As always, we want to know your thoughts. Email us at, tweet us @pvcsec or #askpvcec, or comment on the blog itself.

UPDATE: I thought this post went out on 02 Dec but it obviously didn’t. I provide it now because I wrote it and everything I write is awesome-ish.

PVCSEC Social Media Update

Dear Friends,

PVCSec is now on Facebook and LinkedIn. Check us out on Facebook at and on LinkedIn at

These join our cadre of other social media outlets:

And of course you can find us at podcatching outlets such as:

Stay tuned!

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Podcast RSS & iTunes feed update

Dear friends,

Good news! The PVC Security Podcast RSS feed is fully working. Point your pod catchers at to grab the latest & tastiest that PVCSec has to offer.

We’re soon to be listed on in their directory. Stay tuned!

In other news, the PVCSec iTunes submission is posted. Here at PVC Security Central we’re anxiously awaiting Apple’s approval, both for the podcast and our own validation. As soon as we go live in the iTunes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

More changes are coming, so keep your dials tuned and calendars appointed.

Web Site Maintenance 18 Oct 2014 23:00 EDT

Dear Friends,

The hosting provider is performing maintenance on the servers that host this site on Saturday 18 October 2014 at 23:00:00 EDT (Sunday 19 October 2014 at 03:00:00 UTC). They expect the maintenance to last 30-40 minutes. During the maintenance the site will be down.

Please plan accordingly.

Yours Truly,

The Management Features

Hi, All!

A few or more new features have been added to the site.

First, we have a mirror for all of the podcasts over at Just follow the mirror link  in the posts if for some reason you can’t download the podcast direct from

Next, we have some probationary podcast art on its way. We hope to release it as a beta for your comments.

Several WordPress JetPack features have been turned on. For example, you can share PVCSec posts to most of the big social networks.

You can now log in with your account. And you can comment with your WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

The mobile viewing experience should improve with some under-the-hood changes.

Some features are coming, such as leveraging CouldFlare’s SSL/TLS for more secure connections to the site and properly working podcast syndication and iTunes subscription options.

We’re also looking at more appealing themes for the site. We want them to be inviting, intuitive, and provide the most information possible.

Works in Progress

We are hard at work getting the two episodes we have “in the can” ready to share with all of you and record episode 3. Here’s a quick update on these activities.

Our intrepid engineer, Tim, is working on getting PVCSec up on iTunes for all you Apple folks out there.

I’m working on the web site and setting up a podcast RSS feed.

We’re both waiting on the Silver Fox (Ed) to finish the logos. He’s 1/3 of the way there. My art-school daughter is helping out, so I expect great things.

We are looking for music for the show. Ed and I are looking at some resources to which Tim pointed us. We’re also reaching out to friend and family who may be so inclined as to provide us some sweet, sweet tunes for a theme song, closing music, and maybe some interstitial music.

I am also working on show notes. We’ll probably start providing those with EP #3.

Enjoy the podcast, everyone!


So, we had this “Idea” …

… that a podcast would be a fun thing to do. Edgar Rojas and me, Paul Jorgensen, wanted to give it a label, some framework, and an audience. So we decided an Info Sec podcast would be good.

However, we are painfully aware that the world-at-large does not need Yet Another Information Security Podcast (hereafter YAISP). We already have some differentiation:

  • We’re not a corporate podcast
  • We’re not sponsored
  • We’re not advertising

The other big difference is that we want to include leadership in the mix. Both Ed and I are leaders, have presented talks on the subject, and security leadership is sorely lacking in the industry.

Ed and I batted this about over Twitter for a short while when our good friend Tim DeBlock pipped in and offered to record us.

And so it goes. We’re all excited to bring this to you every week (or so). We’re looking to add in music and guests and graphics and your comments in the coming weeks.

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