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Admin messages

Social Media Validation

Dear Friends,

Please excuse this administrivia post. We endeavor such posts to include useful information. This post tests out the automated social media updating upon new post publishing.

Let us know if you see this on our Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn pages by posting a comment there. If you don’t see it, please post a comment here.

Thank you!

PRJ Updates

Dear Friends,

Paul & Tim made more changes to the site. These should improve performance and security.

  1. leverages a Content Delivery Network (CDN), improving site performance and availability
  2. A certain plugin that often breaks the site will no longer auto update
  3. now enjoys a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate – check it out at
  4. Our site monitoring includes a third-party service to help notify the PVC Security team of outages faster
  5. now supports the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project protocol
  6. Removed all FeedBurner references for our RSS feeds
  7. Fixed our social media plugins for automatic updates
  8. A bunch of additional cleanup and maintenance

Still to come is finishing our move to LibSyn for hosting the podcast files. We hope to complete it over the next week or so.

We still have a way to go. Please let us know in the comments, by email at, or on twitter @pvcsec about comments, compliments, or issues with the site.


Team PVCSec

Moving, Shifting, Podcasting

Dear Friends,

Our current podcast hosting … well … sucks.

We’re fixing it.

PVCSec signed up with LibSyn for our podcast hosting. Over the next several weeks we will move our shows to the new source, old and new. In theory, you, Dear Friend & the Listener, will experience no disruption. The old links will still work, maybe.

If you experience issues, let PVCSec know. Email comments at PVCSEC dot com.

If you love the change, let PVCSec know. Email comments at PVCSEC dot com.

If you’re middling about it, let PVCSec know. Email comments at PVCSEC dot com.

Please send negative comments without context to one of the US Presidential candidates’ social media. Thanks, Jordan Jesse Go for the idea!

Stay tuned for updates.

PVCSEC 53: Data breaches, new starts, predicting the future, and effective emails ohhh my

The five most devastating data breaches of 2015, the power of a new start, ten commandments to make you better at predicting the future, sending more effective emails, and, of course, Tactical Edge.

Continue reading PVCSEC 53: Data breaches, new starts, predicting the future, and effective emails ohhh my

Tech Support Update: Pin the Tail on the WordPress

Dear Friends,

Tim & Paul continue troubleshooting issues with the site while investigating alternate hosting options.

The PVC Security Podcast is up to episode 51 as of this post. If your podcatcher-of-choice doesn’t see all 51 (in no particular order) then refresh your feed. If they’re still absent, let us know. Email and one of our ravishingly lovely technicians – Tim & Paul – will look into the issue.

As always: Thanks for Listening; Stay Strong; Ante Up; Share & Enjoy!

The Tech Support Drama Continues

In our on-going saga of problems with the site and RSS feeds we’ve reached a point where throwing our hands up in surrender is our only option.

I, Paul, have been a customer for a long time. But these last upgrades pushed out and the apparent inability to fix what ales this and my other sites leads me and the rest of the PVC Security team to research other options.

Tim, Senior Baseball Correspondent, is bringing up a temporary feed toward which we’ll point the podcast aggregators. Once we find a permanent new home we’ll share the glad news.

If you have recommendations you’d like to share with us on this topic or others, email or #askpvcsec on Twitter.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Thanks for your patience, support, and continued tolerance toward Paul’s and Ed’s (mostly Ed’s) singing.

Happy 2016!


Podcast Feed Restored! We think?

Dear Friends,

Responding to your plaintive cries, we restored the podcast RSS feed.

~We Think!~ <insert Descartes joke here>

We need YOU, Dear Friends, to test and let us know your findings at or tweet at @pvcsec.

We thank you!

Podcast Feed Disruption

Dear Friends,

We hear you. The PVCSec RSS feed broke.

We are working on it.

Updates to come as the situation changes.

Questions, comments, and concerns go to @pvcsec,, and #askpvcsec

The How of Mentoring

Over on my site, Busy | Paul R. Jorgensen, I waxed about the folks I’m officially and unofficially mentoring. Tonight I expounded, pompous mentor-like, on a number of topics (to a junior colleague and a brilliant yet unfortunate senior colleague, stuck in our orbit by her ardent professionalism & unerring politeness & desire to make well-earned fun of us). I’ll leave the “what landed as useful“ versus “couldn’t wait for him to shut up” ratio to my audience; I only hope the ratio is favorable to my ego.

This discussion, added to other broader team chats and emails and instant messages and whatnot, present an interesting question:

Setting aside the formulated “what” of being a mentor, where’s the “how”?

Seriously, there are any number of books telling mentors what to do:
be available, be open, be ruthless (but not too ruthless), be not too available, be not too open. Recommend a schedule. Don’t recommend a schedule. Build up! Don’t forget to break down. Do this; don’t do that. The latest book countermands the previous book.

Here at PVC Security we stick to four pillars – Passion, Vision, Communication, and Execution. They’re as applicable to mentoring as to most serious endeavours. Yet, “how” is still variable.

  • How do you instill passion when they’re new? If they’re cynical?
  • How do you convey vision when they don’t know the landscape?
  • How do you encourage communication and collaboration in a lone wolf or a lost cub (which every new hire is until they find their footing, regardless of place)?
  • How do you coach execution when they’ve never delivered anything before? When they’ve never delivered anything themselves but as part of a team? When they’ve delivered but it lacked success? When they delivered successfully and think they know better than everyone else? When they won’t deliver because they’re afraid to be wrong?

How do you, Dear Friends, approach mentoring?
If you received mentoring, how did he or she deliver it and what impact did it have on you?
If you’ve mentored, what do you find successful and what do you find best to avoid?

Comment here, email us at, or tweet with #askpvcsec for us to see your musings. If your response piques our interest, we might invite you on the podcast.

Stay tuned!

And Thank You!

Our Link with LinkedIn is Down

For those who follow PVC Security on LinkedIn (and you are, aren’t you?), we’re experiencing an authentication issue between our blog and their site. Minions are, even now, moving bits and bytes around to address the problem.

Stay tuned!