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His PVCSec life began in Ferndale MI in August of 2014 when he asked @edgarr0jas about starting a podcast & @timothydeblock offered to produce said podcast. He's done the show from Detroit, Tokyo, Mexico City, Chattanooga, Amsterdam, Ed's place, Brussels, Nashville, and maybe somewhere else.

PVCSec EP89: 2017 Predictions and New Year Career Advice

Originally recorded 22 December 2016 by Ed and Tracy.

Topic One: The Future of Cybersecurity: Experts Make 2017 Predictions

Topic Two: (1) 13 Leadership Skills You Didn’t Need a Decade Ago That Are Now Essential, (2) Former Microsoft executive shares the advice that righted his career, (3) Why You Need A Strategy Before Writing Your Resume

Topic Three: Job-hunting advice was given

Topic Four: Do you know about @Nuzzel? It’s a Twitter aggregation tool that is useful for managing online information. PVC Security Podcast has its own Nuzzel newsletter.

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PVCSec EP88: End of Year Extravaganza

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PVCSec EP87: Cheryl Biswas

This episode’s special guest is Cheryl Biswas (@3ncr1pt3d on Twitter.) Tracy originally recorded this episode on October 10, 2016.

Cheryl Biswas

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Show notes to come!

PVCSec EP85!


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Pardon Our Dust: iTunes Edition

Dear Friends,

There has been what we on the PVCSec team like to call “jankiness” (technical term) with the feed since November/December. For some the feed worked fine. For others, episodes would not magically appear. Sometimes even moving to a different podcatcher might introduce or solve the issue.

I (Paul) am playing with WordPress, Libsyn (our content distribution provider), and iTunes. I think I found and applied the fix.

In 24 hours we will know if I am successful.

Stay Tuned!

The Great Migration

Dear Friends, Soon PVC Security will move its domain and website to Medium. We are making this move to, in theory, make lives easier and administrative burdens less for the Three Securiteers. If you are keen to help out with the Great Migration, send an email to or tweet us at @pvcsec.

Help Wanted

Dear Friends,

We at PVC Security are looking for ones of good people to help out with the show and site. Specifically we are looking for:

  • Producer – wrangle the hosts, create show runsheets, book guests, and post content to
  • Engineer – someone to record, edit, and publish the show.

If you, Dear Friend, are interested in either or both roles, please email us at

PVCSec EP 93: As if ones of voices were suddenly silenced

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the latest episode of the PVC Security Podcast. This is episode 93-ish in a thrilling collector’s series.

In this episode, we stop singing. Yes, Dear Friends. After many years we retire our unique vocal stylings in the intro and outtro of the show.

To be clear, we are not stopping the show. Quite the contrary. We may be inconsistent in our postings but we strive forward.

We are #15!

In other topics:

Tracy will post these, and soon.

EP86: Special Guest – Joe Gray

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