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His PVCSec life began in Ferndale MI in August of 2014 when he asked @edgarr0jas about starting a podcast & @timothydeblock offered to produce said podcast. He's done the show from Detroit, Tokyo, Mexico City, Chattanooga, Amsterdam, Ed's place, Brussels, Nashville, and maybe somewhere else.

Goodbye, Good Luck & Aww Man!

Dear Friends,

After ~99 episodes across 2.5 years, the PVC Security Podcast is going into maintenance mode. Look forward to the fond farewell post to my co-hosts.

You, The Listener & Dear Friend & Audience, energized us in the show. I know I speak on behalf of Ed, Tim, Chris, and Tracy when I say Thank You to all who subscribed, linked, tweeted, and otherwise participated in the PVC Security Podcast. Lurkers, we thank you as well.

I would be remiss if I did not thank the guests who joined us over the years. They brought so much to you, Dear Friends, in knowledge and experience and professionalism. We hope you enjoyed listening to them as such as we enjoyed talking with them.

Practically, nothing much changes other than the following:

  • will go into read-only mode
  • existing PVCSec content will continue as is until demand drops below an as yet to set level
  • new stuff by Paul will come out on his masthead
    • If you already subscribe to PVCSec’s RSS feeds, you will get Paul’s stuff soon
  • If you are not subscribed to [[][Exploring Information Security — Timothy De Block]], you need subscribe now
  • ancilary PVCSec media channels, like ([[][PVC Security Podcast | Professional Profile]]) and ([[][PVC Security – YouTube]]) and [[][(PVC Security (@pvcsec) | Twitter)]], will go read-only as well
  • YouTube videos will go away soon

    Head over to [[][Paul R. Jorgensen – An Information Security & Network Engineering Professiona…]] for more information, links to other great security podcasts and other sources, and whatnot.

Thank You, all, for your support and participation and listening and everything.


PVCSec EP99: A Brief Word …

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Big changes are afoot!

Dear Friends, in this episode of the PVC Security podcast, Tracy and Paul hint at what is next. Stay tuned for more information.

PVCSec EP98: Poutine Security

In this lastest thrilling episode, the @InfoSecSherpa and @TokyoGringo go long talking about mental health in IT & InfoSec, Twitter’s personal data land grab, why security is hard, adventures in Canada, and more!

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PVCSec EP97: Unsexy Security

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In a solo TokyoGringo show, Paul talks about the wake of the WannaCry malware outbreak and the remediation & prevention measures that aren’t new and are definitely not sexy.

PVCSec 96: TokyoGringo Solo on CISOs

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the latest thrilling episode of the PVC Security Podcast.

This week Paul is on his own talking out the CISO and whether there is a shortage or an over supply, some elements of why the CISO role is hard, and his analysis.

PVCSec 95: Springtime in Philly!

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the latest thrilling episode of the PVC Security Podcast.

Paul and Tracy talk about InfosecSherpa’s BSides Charm trip, a bit about the Google Phishing issue, and a bit about Verizon’s DBIR.

It’s a brief show as Paul was all in his kimono in Kyoto on holiday, so enjoy!

Show Notes:

Coming soon!

PVCSec EP 94: To Cert or not To Cert

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Dear friends,

Welcome to this latest thrilling episode in a collector’s series, in which Tracy and Paul discuss:

Topic One: Information Security Certifications are Worthless and Causing More Harm than Good

Paul and Tracy talked about the pros and cons of popular InfoSec certifications like Network + and Security + from CompTIA, the CISSP from ISC(2),  and the CEH from the EC-Council.

Topic Two: Getting overwhelmed by the news and how to deal

A lively discussion was held about tools, techniques, tricks, and philosophies of news and current events intake.

The Information Hoarding Epidemic: Causes and Solutions
(webinar recording + slides)

Nuzzel, Pocket, and Twitter Lists were just some of the tools mentioned.

Topic Three: How NOT to use your communication skills

Based on stories in the latest headlines, ideas were exchanged about best practices for good communication.

Tactical Edge – Latin America’s premier InfoSec conference! September 13-14, 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia

Tracy will present at BSidesCharm, “The Battle for OSINT: Are you Team GUI or Team Command Line?” with friend of the show, Joe Gray.

An Update

Dear Friends,

Ed, Paul & Tracy have a heck of a time coordinating calendars to get a show recorded. It is an unfortunate consequence of their success.

And so we are in the current situation – the team is weeks behind in getting a new show on the books.

Several ideas were floated to address the gap: going twice or once a month; changing the session schedule; making the shows shorter.

We are looking at these and other ideas, like: a more of a host-lead show with segments; more contributors; narrowing focus.

You will see and hear some experimentation of these ideas.

Your input is welcome.

BTW, we are still looking for engineering & production help. Interested parties reached out to our Help Wanted post. We haven’t forgotten them or you. We are this far behind where we need to be.

Let us know your thoughts at

@pvcsec #podflood

Hello, Dear Friends!

Your podcatcher received a number of older unpublished episodes. Enjoy them, though we do not have the show notes included.

The episodes are wonderful surprise presents for you. Dive in and enjoy!

Let us know your thoughts. Email us at or tweet us at #askpvcsec or @pvcsec.

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PVCSec EP89: 2017 Predictions and New Year Career Advice

Originally recorded 22 December 2016 by Ed and Tracy.

Topic One: The Future of Cybersecurity: Experts Make 2017 Predictions

Topic Two: (1) 13 Leadership Skills You Didn’t Need a Decade Ago That Are Now Essential, (2) Former Microsoft executive shares the advice that righted his career, (3) Why You Need A Strategy Before Writing Your Resume

Topic Three: Job-hunting advice was given

Topic Four: Do you know about @Nuzzel? It’s a Twitter aggregation tool that is useful for managing online information. PVC Security Podcast has its own Nuzzel newsletter.

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