PVCSEC 47: Finding a mentor and reading as a communication skill

How to find a mentor, reading as a communication skill,  and hitting the job market.

Dear Friends,

Ed, Paul, and Tim talk about how to find a mentor. We then get into talking reading as a communication skill.  Finally, Ed and Paul discuss hitting the job market after only a short time at your current job. Tactical Edge is October 24 – 27, 2016.

Show Notes:

  • How to find a mentor
  • Reading as a communication skill
  • Hitting the job market after a short time
  • Tactical Edge
  • Calendar:
    • CodeMash in Sandusky, OH 05-08 January. PVCSec’s own Chris will be there (& presenting?)
    • BSides Huntsville 06 February  – Ed’s presenting “Seriously, what the &^*& is Network Segmentation?” & Paul’s talk is “10 Pitfalls of SOC, IH & IR”
    • Security Culture Conference in Oslo, Norway 14-15 June – CFP Open  – Paul’s putting together a talk as we speak
    • Converge Detroit & BSides Detroit in the Arsenal of Democracy, Detroit, Michigan, US of A 14-15 July – CFP Open  – Will there be another PVCSec LIVE‽ Stay tuned!