PVCSEC 45: Teamwork from a leaders perspective and dealing with stress

The importance of teamwork, how to deal with stress, and more.

Dear Friends,

Ed, Chris, and Tim talk about the importance of team work from the leaders perspective. we also get into talk about stress again and the techniques we use to handle it. I briefly mention identifying talent as we run out of time. I was invited on a panel for CSO to discuss the security talent we crave.

Show Notes:

  • The importance of teamwork as a leader.
  • Dealing with stress.
  • Timothy De Block on the pathway to the security talent we  crave.
  • Tactical Edge
  • Calendar:
    • CodeMash in Sandusky, OH 05-08 January. PVCSec’s own Chris will be there (& presenting?)
    • BSides Huntsville 06 February  – Ed’s presenting “Seriously, what the &^*& is Network Segmentation?” & Paul’s talk is “10 Pitfalls of SOC, IH & IR”
    • Security Culture Conference in Oslo, Norway 14-15 June – CFP Open  – Paul’s putting together a talk as we speak
    • Converge Detroit & BSides Detroit in the Arsenal of Democracy, Detroit, Michigan, US of A 14-15 July – CFP Open  – Will there be another PVCSec LIVE‽ Stay tuned!