PVCSec 42: The Answer

In this latest thrilling Bond themed episode, the Wolfman Returns! We eschew silver bullets for questions about building a SOC, interrupts, and More Security Theater!

Dear Friends,

This week, the PVCSec abode abounds abundantly with InfoSec professionals. J. Wolfgang Goerlich, the Paul F. Tompkins of InfoSec podcasts, joins Ed, Tim, Chris, and the Phantom of the Podcast, Paul (R. Jorgensen, that is).

The crew talks about interrupts and their negative impact on your productivity. They poorly segue into Security Operations Center (SOC) talk. Finally, before the obligatory Tactical Edge Conference plug, stories for our recurring segment: Security Theater.

We hope you like listening to Paul talk and/or felt his voice was sorely lacking from recent episodes, because you, Dear Listener, receive a heavy dose here.

Show Notes