PVCSec EP 30: Shortage

In this EP: the talent shortage in tech & info sec, security readiness, and more on this week’s episode

Dear Friends,

Welcome to episode 30 in a collector’s series.

Topic one: Talent Shortage

Friend of the Show Bob Rudis, a.k.a. @hrbrmstr, posed the following question on Twitter a while back: “Is there a talent shortage for X, where X is some bubble or hot profession?” He posited that there’s no talent shortage in InfoSec, IT, cloud, & Internet of Things. Ed, what do you think? Is Bob right?

Topic two:

Dark Reading posted a thought provoking article about Boards of Directors and how they may think the company’s security posture is better than the reality.


  1. Lack of baselines
  2. Overconfidence
  3. Don’t know about security incidents
  4. Don’t ask for metrics


Foreigner’s “I want to know what love is”

“Sister Christian”