PVCSec Ep 29: Etiquette

In this episode, more working from home, improving your soft skills, and how to find passion when you don’t have any. Plus BIG NEWS!

Dear Friends,

After a brief non-hiatus, the PVC Security Podcast is back with fresh Passion, Vision, Communications, and Execution for your listening pleasure.

Working from home

Office Etiquette

Time zone awareness Close colleague work schedules & habits Instant messaging Emoticons? Communicate clearly – define terms, assume nothing

Show notes

Tactical Edge Bogota, Sept 2016

The new event Ed’s working on is called “Tactical Edge” and will be held last week in September 2016 in Bogota. I already have confirmation from Wendy Nather, Jack Danie, Rafal Los, Paul Coggin, and PVCSec Paul. More news to come.

Converge Detroit, July 16-17 2015

Communication skills are a must to move forward professionally. You must be able to communicate properly and clearly both visually and verbally, one on one or to a group, at any level!!!!!! THe other skill you need coupled to communication is common sense. It’s unreal how many people actually lack this essential skill. How the heck do they do it? How do you get on with life lacking common sense? We touch on this and more during our 4 Pillars presentation on Thursday 16 July.

And don’t miss PVCSec LIVE!!! on Friday 17 July.


Funky Cold Medina, Tone-Loc

Centerfold, J. Giles Band