PVCSec 28: Stress

This week: The boys are off script talking about stress, anxiety & depression.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another in a collector’s series of PVC Security podcasts. But this is not Yet Another episode.

A) We sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

B) Tweet hashtags #askpvcsec #nudeed if you want to see Ed naked in Detroit

C) This time, we go off script unlike any other time we’ve gone off script. We talk about stress and depression and anxiety. That’s not a joke.

We Are Not Doctors.

We Are Not Therapists.

We are people. We’ve maybe gone through some things you’ve gone or are going through. We may have something useful to say, but probably the most useful things we have to say are:

You Are Not Alone. It’s Okay Asking For Help.

I think I’ll leave it at that.