PVCSec EP 25: Growing Cultures w/ Kai Roer

On this episode: Paul talks with Kai Roer on security culture + framework, awareness, his book, the Security Culture Conference, a special contest, and more!

Dear Friends,

On this very special episode of the PVC Security podcast, Paul chats with @KaiRoer. They talk about security culture, security awareness, anecdotes, how late in the evening it was for Kai, and his many activities.

Check out his show, buy his book, get the framework, and go to Oslo! All the links are in the show notes below.

Kai, the lovely gentleman and consummate professional that he is, donated a signed copy of his book, Build A Security Culture, to one lucky PVCSec fan. You, Dear Listener, can enter to win by commenting about the podcast on iTunes. Our intrepid producer and Senior Baseball Correspondent, Timothy Deblock, will pick the winner. If you live somewhere where only outlaws have fun through winning contests, then we’re sad for you.

Get your comments in now! The contest closes 15 June 2015.

Show Notes: