PVCSec EP 23: The Moose Preserve Session, Part Dos

In this episode: 7 tasks that waste your team’s time, some presentation tips, automation & YOU, NetOps + SecOps = allies, and Software Defined Networking security pros & cons.

Dear Friends,

For your listening pleasure, attached please find part 2 of the infamous Moose Preserve Session. As with last week’s show, Ed & Paul talk all kinds of security and leadership with a taste of restaurant life in the background. This was an experiment, where the lessons learned will help us with future recordings.


Wasting time and effort – 7 tasks that waste your team’s time
Presentation tips, where a TED speaking coach shares 11 tips for right before you go on stage
The coming wave of automation – the risks and rewards
InfoSec and Network teams as natural allies
SDN security pros and cons – the promise and downside of SDN

Show Notes:

Coming soon!