Debate: Click Bait

Paul posted about click bait on his blog, and asks how others avoid propagating click bait.

What do you do? How do you avoid SPAMing others with content you haven’t vetted? Comment here or on Paul’s post. We’ll bring the comments together. You can also hashtag #askpvcsec on Twitter.

PVCSEC EP 26: Fire drills and communication skills

In the latest edition of the PVC Security Podcast Paul talks about about getting duped during a “fire drill” by the cleaning staff and how it relates to information security and Ed talks about communication skills and how to handle certain situations.

If you have a passion, vision, communication, or executing infosec topic you would like us to discuss leave a comment below. Also, if you are into winning signed books for an iTunes review, then enter to win a signed copy of Kai Roer’s book Build A Better Security Culture by leaving us an iTunes review. A winner will be selected at random by me. Contest ends June 15th, so act fast.

Show Notes:

[Paul] Normally we try to do show notes, but this episode went off script quickly. I have to listen intentionally to capture the notes from this show. Volunteers are welcome!

[Paul] Many thanks to Tim for filling in on posting the episode. I was traveling and in no position to do so. I particularly applaud his choice of banner picture.

You Wanna Signed Copy of “Build a Security Culture”!

Dear Friends,

You recently heard that Kai Roer, PVC Security Podcast episode 25 guest & author & security professional & #FotS, is offering @PVCSec listeners THE opportunity to win a signed copy of his book, Build A Security Culture.

You, Dear Friends, must merely post a comment about the show on the iTunes PVC Security Podcast page. Do so by 15 June 2015. When you do, anticipating you live in a jurisdiction where such things are legal, you are automagically entered to win!

Our own producer extraordinaire, the most senior of the @pvcsec baseball correspondents, the pride of his hometown in (North|South) Carolina U.S.A., the infamous Timothy De Block, will become fate’s instrument by plucking one lucky commenter from the digital proverbial hat.

Tl;dr: Comment on iTunes by June 15th to win. Timmy DB will pick the winner.

PVCSec EP 25: Growing Cultures w/ Kai Roer

On this episode: Paul talks with Kai Roer on security culture + framework, awareness, his book, the Security Culture Conference, a special contest, and more!

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PVCSec EP 24: Private Eyes

This time, on PVCSec: Verizon reminds us we’re bad at security (THX, FotS @hrbrmstr), why it’s not a good idea for corporations to use your PII as ID for PHI, you can’t handle the Truth! & BIG NEWS!

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Our Link with LinkedIn is Down

For those who follow PVC Security on LinkedIn (and you are, aren’t you?), we’re experiencing an authentication issue between our blog and their site. Minions are, even now, moving bits and bytes around to address the problem.

Stay tuned!

PVCSec EP 23: The Moose Preserve Session, Part Dos

In this episode: 7 tasks that waste your team’s time, some presentation tips, automation & YOU, NetOps + SecOps = allies, and Software Defined Networking security pros & cons.

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