Thank You 2014!

Dear Friends,

PVC Security’s 2014 review must begin thusly:

We began. Paul had an idea he tweeted to Ed. Ed agreed. Tim volunteered to help.
And thus a podcast, without question the greatest podcast human kind has ever produced or experienced about leadership and security and poorly sang TV theme songs made by a guy in Tennessee, a guy in Carolina (South), and a guy in Detroit, was born.
It is safe to say that we’re still figuring things out. We’ve had gaps in our schedule. Ed has a potty mouth. We’ve had guests. We talked about leadership and security and a lot of things. We sang. We apologized for our singing. Tim failed to answer the most basic of baseball questions. We kept going.
Most importantly, we had fun.
We want people to listen, enjoy, and maybe learn from the podcast. But that is not why we do it. We do the podcast for ourselves. If we enjoy recording it, if we enjoy listening to it, and if we’re proud of it – then we’re going to keep doing it.
That is both a threat and a promise. Your mileage may vary.
We want to thank Bob Rudis and Alex Pinto for joining us on two and one episodes, respectively. Thanks to our prospective guests who’s schedules delayed their participation.
And thanks to you, the listener!
Happy 2015, Dear Friends!

PVCSec Episode 9 – More Data Science

Dear Friends,

The next episode of the PVC Security Podcast, the ninth in a collector’s series, is upon you!

We are again visited by Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr, co-author of Data-Driven Security: Analysis, Visualization and Dashboards <- Amazon affiliate link; all proceeds go into the PVC Security Podcast & web site).

Comments and questions are welcome as always. You can #askpvcsec on Twitter or email us at

Remember, this isn’t your typical InfoSec podcast. This also isn’t your typical management and leadership podcast. This is the PVC Security Podcast.

Share & Enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • Coming soon!

Dear Friends, Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

Happy (post-) Hanukah and Merry (current-) Christmas and all the other holidays that you embrace & bring you joy (they tend to collide and coalesce around this calendar data point, don’t they?) from all of us at PVC Security to all of you & yours.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode, a repeat performance from Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr). We’re making some tweaks to the format, some contextual changes, improved content, and will soon pop up on new pod catching venues. We’ll (probably) have another episode before the New Year descends.

Stay frosty. Stay thirsty. Stay hungry. Stay awesome.

Cheers, Dear Friends!

PVCSec Episode 8: ICANN Ramble Sony Rant

Dear Friends,

Behold the long-awaited eighth PVC Security podcast episode, another in the Collector’s Series.

Ed & Paul & Tim eschewed the normal format for a bit of a ramble and a bit of a rant with some differing opinions thrown in to the mix. Also new is that the topics are, shall we say, topical.

We talk about the Sony incident. We talk about the ICANN incident. We disagree at various points and agree at other various points. We … I don’t know … draw on the remaining various points?

Theme song update: we have no update as we have no song. If you’re up to ep. #8, then you know what that means. For those just joining us, it’ll be fine. Time heals all wounds, as does medication and therapy.

Comments and questions are welcome as always. You can #askpvcsec on Twitter or email us at

Remember, this isn’t your typical InfoSec podcast. This also isn’t your typical management and leadership podcast. This is the PVC Security Podcast.

Share & Enjoy!

Show Notes:

This was not the podcast we intended to record. Ed was geared up thanks to the Twitterverse (I hate myself for using that term) before Tim rang him. Once Paul joined the conversation took on a life of its own. Tim recorded the whole thing, which is to his credit since he fell down HARD on the baseball question.

Ed & Paul were mostly working off of the top of their heads, so we don’t really have show notes per se. More detailed information may appear after Paul deals, through medication and therapy, with the singing .

Oh, the singing … It haunts …

Dog Ate Podcast

… but only temporarily.

We haven’t podcasted lately, as you may have noticed. Both Ed and Paul had unscheduled family events that required attention. During part of that window Paul then Ed took some well earned vacation time.

I (Paul) asked @JimmyVo and @lil_lost and @timothydeblock and others to fill in with me as guest hosts during Ed’s absence. And then I dropped the ball, leaving them and others in the lurch.

I apologize to you, the listener. I apologize to the folks who offered to help out, and I am reaching out to them directly as well.

While you, the listener, will undoubtedly have to listen to me apologize again, know that a valuable lesson was learned and we’re here to dissect ourselves when one of us screws up.

Look forward to that episode.

UPDATE: this update was supposed to have gone out on 11 Dec. We clearly have a scheduled post issue.

Lazy Podcasting

Dear Friends,

For the ones of you who:

a) subscribe to the podcast and/or follow the blog
b) make note of schedule gaps

… we’ve neglected posting a new episode. Ample excuses abound, for sure. Thanksgiving? Check! Making fun of Canadians for their metric, October-based version? Check! Shopping? Eh, but check on that one, too. Some personal stuff affected the schedule as well, like multi-car accidents and vacations and family and power outages.

We’re working on publishing new content. The new content may involve new voices, new formats, and new media.

As always, we want to know your thoughts. Email us at, tweet us @pvcsec or #askpvcec, or comment on the blog itself.

UPDATE: I thought this post went out on 02 Dec but it obviously didn’t. I provide it now because I wrote it and everything I write is awesome-ish.