PVCSec Episode 5: Know Your Network! Part 2!

Dear Friends,

The next episode of the PVC Security Podcast, the fifth in a collector’s series, is upon you!

This episode, chock full of Ed’s unique vocal stylings, carries on the Know Your Network segments into part 2. Paul and Ed also talk about how to talk to C-level executives and the Board of Directors of a company as well as more security theater! Plus:

  • Why Interview questions shouldn’t need excessive preparation (but be prepared);
  • Why you should consider exercise part of your job, so we should all give it more priority;
  • And more!

Remember, this isn’t your typical InfoSec podcast. This also isn’t your typical management and leadership podcast. This is the PVC Security Podcast.

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Show Notes:

  • Ed’s spreadsheet is here. The notes on how to use it and the commands for Cisco kit are on the third tab in the spreadsheet. The first tab is a sample, and the second is a blank version.
  • You can use the spreadsheet for other vendor’s gear, such as Juniper and HP. You will need to translate the Cisco commands to your platform.
  • Here’s the link to the HBR article Paul read (regardless of Ed’s comments): Regular Exercise Is Part of Your Job
  • Here’s The Critical Path Episode 126
  • We’re now on iTunes! Check us out HERE!