Getting to Know Your Network

PVCSec Episode 4: Know Your Network!

Dear Friends,

The next episode of the PCVSec podcast, the fourth in a collector’s series, is upon you!

This episode, a Frankenstein’s Monster of an episode, kicks off our series on Getting to Know Your Network, plus:

  • Why #GamerGate ticks Paul off, and it’s for all the right reasons
  • Our first in an occasional yet all-too-common series, Security Theater
  • More acappella vocal styling from our hosts
  • And more!

As usual but more so, this episode is brought to you by Tim’s fine engineering work. Assembled from parts of different recordings due to a variety of mishaps (listen to Paul’s great vocal special effects in the first half), this edition is very much in the spirit of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Gothic novel yet less scary (singing and Paul’s rant aside).

Remember, this isn’t your typical InfoSec podcast. This isn’t your typical management or business podcast either. It is the PVCSec podcast.

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  • Ed’s spreadsheet is here. The notes on how to use it and the commands for Cisco kit are on the third tab in the spreadsheet. The first tab is a sample, and the second is a blank version.
  • You can use the spreadsheet for other vendor’s gear, such as Juniper and HP. You will need to translate the Cisco commands to your platform.
  • Paul & Tim agree that Ed needs to do a video of how to use the spreadsheet. If you agree, tweet it with hashtags #edvid #askpvcsec.
  • As Ed said, make sure you maintain discipline while collecting information. Don’t start analyzing the data while you collect it.
  • Paul’s Security Theater pictures are here and here.
  • The passing of Shon Harris. R.I.P. and Thank You. (My comments on the podcast are poorly worded. I appreciate what Ms. Harris did. That she earned a living from it makes it so much the better, and I am better off for her having done it. – Paul)
  • The passing of Elizabeth Pena. R.I.P. and Thank You, too. She was in La Bamba and The Incredibles and a ton of other movies and shows. She directed TV shows as well. She went too soon.
  • Paul’s rant is about #gamergate. You can read more about it here, here, and here and lots of other places on-line.
  • Beware metaphors! Read How to Eat an Elephant then listen to the last 120 seconds or so of the podcast.