And So It Begins …

PVCSec Episode 2: And So It Begins

The next episode of the PCVSec podcast, the second in a collector’s series, is upon you!

This episode, recorded first yet posted second, speaks in rambling terms about what Ed and Paul expect from the podcast and rant on a variety of topics such as:

  • Unsophisticated social engineering attacks rearing their ugly heads again
  • Some things that Ed hates
  • Thoughts on and overblowing news stories
  • Ideas to help make your meetings suck less
  • The value of asking “stupid” questions

Since this was the first go at recording and it was done weeks before the second episode, the more polished 4 Pillars of Leadership was released first. This one is the proof of concept. Ed and Paul considered not releasing it but Tim swayed the decision.

Remember, this isn’t your typical InfoSec podcast. This isn’t your typical management or business podcast either. It is the PVCSec podcast.

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