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A Changing of the Guard

Dear Friends,

Our Good Friend, Producer, Co-Host, and Senior Baseball Correspondent Timothy DeBlock stepped away from the PVC Security podcast.

The show started in a Twitter thread in late summer 2014 where I told Ed Rojas we should start a podcast. Almost before either of us could say much else, Tim offered to produce such a show. Initially happy to let Ed and me run with the vocal duties, Tim’s voice could not be contained.

With changes in his personal & professional lives while hosting & producing his own podcast, the excellent Exploring Information Security, continuing on in his triple-threat role with PVCSec was untenable.

We expect great things from Tim and, moreover, expect him back from time to time to update us and provide his take on whatever the heck we might be prattling on about that week.

While we’re moving on, we’re not willing to forget the past. We’ve made Tim a Host Emeritus to cement his place in our thrilling collectors’ series.

On a personal note, I not only got to know Tim more in the last year but met his delightful family. He tempered some of my more grandiose ideas about PVCSec. Granted, I have a lot more work with Tim not a part of the show as I’ve assumed his producer role. But I will continue to rely on him for advice and tips (Needed!) and all of my breaking Houston Astros news (not really a need).

Stay thirsty, our friend!


Dear Friends,

We here at @PVCSec don’t like to take things for granted. We often talk about gravity and how awesome it is. That water is both wet AND refreshing is a marvel. Bears doing their business in the woods, well that’s just dandy with us.

We’re thankful for you, Dear Friends. As our listenership continues to grow, as we meet more and more of you, and as we all interact on the InterWebs, we sometimes need to pause and say a hearty and heartfelt Thank You!

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